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34 thoughts on “Forza Monthly | May 2021”
  1. Tantos carros legais para colocar,ficam adicionando essas porcarias eu era um grande fã da franquia forza mas ultimamente sou mais o The Crew2,já começa pelo cenário q é mais bonito e completo q o Fh4,q decepção em @MICROSOFT

  2. How about fixing the Steam version first? It's been 3 months and it's still a bugfest, 95% of the problems where there day one are still there after 3 months. Still no impulse triggers on controllers despite the day one tickets and your response that it will be fixed. I payed you 100 euros because I trusted customer service that this will be fixed, 3 months later, nothing got fixed.

    You are an embarasement for game industry, hope you get bankrupt. Lies and incompetence at the highest level. I would understand a indie developer to do this but you have no excuse for your horrible treatment for your customers. You should be sued by every person that opened a ticket and you passed it as solved, despite the fact you didn't solved anything. I will never buy something from these thives and will do my best to boicot this horrible company.

  3. Can y’all finally fix the magnate challenge card? I fully completed every single other star objective, but this bug that y’all still haven’t fix for god’s sake isn’t letting me fully complete the game. I’ll continue to bring this up until it is fixed and I don’t care if people will hate me for these kind of comments.

  4. Seriously, could they put up the 2017 Maserati Levante S again already? It's been over a year since one was available and it's one of the few cars I don't have besides some preorder ones. They could put some of those up, too, I wouldn't complain.

  5. I just want to know when i can play because i send in report that my game wont launch and it would be great if these people working on this game would respond or maybe even fix it

  6. queria conseguir jogar esse jogo velho, fico impressionado com a capacidade da Microsoft uma das maiores empresas do mundo com serviço de servidores n conseguem fazer o server do jogo dela funcionar. estou a 2 semanas com problema de DNS n podendo conectar no forza online pq vcs n saber arrumar o servidor do jogo.

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