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28 thoughts on “FPX vs RNG Highlights ALL GAMES | LPL Playoffs Spring 2021 Round 4 | FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never”
  1. it's so insane how hard lpl teams force fights and makes them work out somehow. kaisa ulting into 4, irelia flashing into 4 and missing r, idk

  2. LPL is stronger in general, the top 6 teams could lost on a bad day or destroy any other team on the good day and literally no one care about the split. But LCK are the series of 3-0 from the obvious stronger team, it makes sense if the worlds' semi will be 3 LPLs and DK winning the finals

  3. the funny thing isnt even that RNG fans kept spamming everywhere that RNG will 3-0 FPX , is that they also said Xiaohu will destroy Nuguri , and Nuguri actually destroyed RNG , lol , I am not even watching LPL or LCK or anything other than LEC , and not really a fan of the teams but is quite funny seeing toxic fans getting smacked

  4. Fans before the match: Rng will take this, FPX will just do the same thing, nuguri on tank and funnel resource on Lwx.

    Fans after the match: NO! You can't just let Nuguri play aggressive top and let tian camp his lane! Why are you not funneling resources on LWX?! No!

  5. It's crazy how you can visibly see the talent difference between regions rn. Im in NA, used to be an LCK fan, but damn LPL is at the top rn

  6. at 2:33 did crisp fail flash?
    He seemed to flash for no reason as he had already e'd to doinb and was able to W the wall but he flashes in place during the combo?

  7. Nuguri Tian 2v2 are a beauty to watch. Crisp and LWX are silent rocks for this team. Doinb the mastermind. For once they don't rely on Doinb and instead, Doinb is the one holding the team together. Nuguri is the best pick up honestly this offseason, the best toplaner in the World.

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