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26 thoughts on “FULL GAME LEAKS! INSANE Breakdown for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl”
  1. Literally the ok not reason why we didn’t get a national dex for sword and shield was because of this game. Which I’m excited for, but once again … NO NATIONAL DEX!!! Honestly I would’ve still bought the game whether we had remakes or not. I just feel like it’s wrong to the fans who’s been playing since game boy !! All so they can get sales for remakes. And they try to type it up by getting legendaries. When legendaries aren’t as rare as they’re made out to be 🙄🙄🙄

  2. Well then it’s a good thing I finally got let’s go after years. It was better than expected and if this is true I’ll have a mew without having to pay for some goddam ball

  3. Sooooo….. for mew and jirachi, are you only able to get them once or can you reset the game and get them again? Edit: has anyone found out how we get shaymin and darkrai yet?

  4. I know it most likely won't be the case at all, but i still have a little hope that ill be able to transfer shit like my Dhelmise from Pokemon home despite it not being in the games itself like alot of other later gen Pokemon! A Captain needs his ghostly anchor & wheel!

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