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22 thoughts on “Galactic Civilizations 4 Review”
  1. On that "Whack-A-Mole" bit, the AI seems to know how to annoy the player also, by way of b-lining to the deepest parts of your empire with a weakling ship to take non-core worlds, almost like the devs know they're overwhelming the player with a vomitous amount of neon colors all over the damn map. Easiest way to avoid this is to gain territory near the gates with a line of ships on sentry mode that will activate as soon as an enemy ship is in sensor range. Planet management is decent though, combat is pretty much unchanged, the leader system works well enough…7/10 from me, see what they can do with a few DLCs…

  2. If my Pyslon's cant just sit back on a single star system terraforming all there planets and come out in the end game with the most tech and doom stars …….

    Im out

  3. This review missed one of the core aspects of the game around the Leaders and Factions in conjunction with the Ideologies.
    This part of game is the one of the new stuff making each playthrough unique even if we pick the same race twice. Even had ambassador quitting because didn't want to do the job.
    Truly bad interview.

  4. They need to combine gal civ series and sins of a solar empire. Have gal civ for the tactical part and whem u choose to initiate combat (or even just move your ships) you can have option to either auto battle how it is, or control battle and its like sins of a solar empire in tactical battle. Similar in how total war is succesfull in this way. Would be so awesome building your ships, out fitting them with the weapons you want them stomping the enemies with you fly RTS skills.

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