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22 thoughts on “Game Boy Game Facts | Pokemon, Super Mario, Wario, Kirby + More”
  1. Azure Dreams? Seriously? I didn't realize people even knew the game. I just did a playthrough pretty recently on my twitch of that on GBC, was fun. Grew up playing it.

  2. When I was a kid, my favorite GBC games were both WarioLand and Spider-Man, but I could never beat the first encounter with Venom as a kid.
    Now that I think about it, I had a Spider-Man game on nearly every single platform I had as a kid, GBC PS2 PC, just not N64 because the PC game was the same title

  3. Me and a buddy bought some universal remote watches in highschool to mess with the teachers. Every classroom had a tv mounted up on the walls. One even guessed it was a universal remote and suspected us but never thought it was our watches. Most people assumed it was a calculator watch… This was probably around 1996.

  4. By far my favorite handheld over the years. God knows how many countless hours I spent hiding under the bedsheets with a flashlight to light my screen as a kid when I was supposed to be in bed

  5. I probably spent most time playing ShadowGate just because if the trial and error but Links’s Awakening or Metroid II were probably my personal favorites

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