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26 thoughts on “Game Streaming Round-Up: NVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia, XCloud, PS Now, & Amazon Luna”
  1. There's a lot more we could do and say about each one of these services, but the video is already long. If you have a particular service you'd like to hear more about, please comment below to let us know which one! Check out our coverage of the Nvidia Reflex enabled monitor that we used for latency testing here:
    Google Stadia "negative latency" testing from previously:

  2. If Stadia wouldn't be available, I would not be able to play newer games at the moment, because Shadow didn't work for me, GeForce now is awful in terms of the connection and the reliability of the stream, Luna isn't available for me, Xbox cloud gaming is in beta and really has some unenjoyable issues like sound popping the whole time and input delay. My PS4 is kind of holding up, but the loading times freak me out, after I played on Stadia (Due to the HDD in the PS 4 of course). I really hope Stadia stays, because I personally enjoy it a lot, and many in the Stadia community do so as well.
    I tried other services regularly, yet I always come back to Stadia.

    My internet connection is 10 mbits up and 200 mbits down (It's also rather cheap here in Germany to get a connection like this).

    Waiting for the PS5 to be available.
    Not a Pc gamer, I just prefer Consoles in general, and I like the PS Exclusives.

  3. i get that google has a track record of killing off failing projects quickly, so without bias the objective reality is that its possible if not likely that happens with stadia. And It sounds superficially like y'all are being objective on stadia, but the level of certainty y'all have, that it absolutely will die, kind of gives away your lack of objectivity. i don't think its at all certain that stadia is dead…its certainly not doing any worse than its closest competitor, Amazon. I mean if you're being objective and thinking like an investor, being bullish on stadia is highly speculative, but ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY ON ITS LAST LEG…just doesn't make sense…especially when the industry as a whole is bullish on streaming and stadia arguably has the best input lag and infrastructure already in place.

  4. Actually, thanks to some old links, you can make a acc without having to use the trial. plus, they are making conversion software, so devs just run on convert it, make some quality of life adjustments, and boom. a new stadia game.

  5. What is often missed or forgotten is that GFN has a 720p 120fps mode. Which should result in less latency in games that reach 120fps or close to it.

  6. stadia doesnt want to make its own games, but will continue to host games (its main point)- so that means it doomed and shutting down soon?

    Thats like saying xcloud, and all the other streaming services need to MAKE games to provide a streaming service.

  7. Services looks promising, but it strongly depends on the connection that.
    Geforce Now it's basically the best right now of what they're offering.

  8. I knew form the start this will not work, as you need a very powerful desktop to actually play any decent game at high settings, but streaming it i knew that was bad, but not his bad, I will not play any game at less than 90 fps and high to max settings. Also one of the biggest problem I have as an old school gamer I hate not owning anything that i am buying, I slowly changed into at least like steam and stuff where you buy something and it stays in your library forever, but controlling what we buy so much I hate it hate all the game streaming services literally un necessary. Another problem I have is already in digital distribution it is just the same bloody file re-distributed again and again as a copy with different tags/id/name/identity, stop squeezing money out of us, also the PS5 games being 70$ for each game ohh please, for a digital copy 70 is dumb as hell. What is the point of having a 1ms monitor and having a GPU that can do frametimes at very low ms.

  9. I’ve had stadia for almost a year now . Honestly it just works. I’ve never had any lag or connection issues. they just need more games. Xcloud is NOT ready. I have 400mb/s download and upload over WiFi and almost everything is unplayable

  10. Stadia is amazing, I signed up for it about 4-5 months ago and it’s now part of my gaming rotation. The convenience of it, quick start up and play, smooth buttery gameplay and never having to worry about HDD space or downloads of any kind has really made me a huge fan of cloud gaming. I’m enjoying my PS5 but if I could play every game on Stadia instead, I totally would.

    I think this guy is way off on Stadia. Google has been making moves recently to help Stadia succeed. Stadia is proof of concept for the future of gaming.

  11. An additional cloud gaming option in the future that are already described by blog posts today where there are no "platforms" and you still keep ownership: You get an AWS/Azure/Google Cloud account, then you spin up a Windows + GPU cloud computing instance. This solution can be automated to the point of the user registering the AWS account and plugging your API keys into the cloud gaming launcher.

  12. Stadia is so good idk why everyone bashed it. I get that google tends to drop new projects and they don’t seem interested in stadia compared to other gaming companies but it’s great! I’ve never had any issues and my only complaint is the lack of games

  13. i would argue "consistency" is more important than "latency", ive had a great experience with consistent 250ms gameplay than with a jumpy 52-79ms+ connection ! sounds weird but the way i would describe it is like a locked 30fps vs a 40-70fps juddery framerate. If only there was a freesync/gsync for ping !

  14. Project xCloud has absolutely the most potential of the lot but its also trying to do the most. PC streaming, Console Streaming and Mobile Device Streaming all in the one package is just a mind-bogglingly difficult task.

  15. I guess objectivity was cut for time.

    Seconds after the video starts, "Stadia is dying"
    Half way in, "Stadia won't be expanded.. it will ultimately die"
    End of video, "Stadia is on life support. It will die. It will. It will take your games. We recommend NVIDIA"

    By GN's own testing Stadia looked the best and had the best latency. Stadia also has the best audio and arguably the easiest interface.
    Stadia's $10/month price is the same as NVIDIA's paid system except you also get free games.

    There was also no mention of the Stadia specific features which are lacking on other streaming platforms : Crowd Choice and Stream Connect with others like State Share in testing.

    But nope, don't use them, use NVIDIA's PC rental service.

    GN's only justification for bashing Stadia the entire way through a comparison was that Google, a company which has been around for 20 years, has EOL'ed services in the past. Oh you don't say. Of course some services are going to be EOL'ed, rebranded, and consolidated over time. By GN's logic Gmail and Search will 100% be cancelled as well so you better backup your emails now.

  16. I've never had an issue with Stadia pro. Got the controller for free and it's nice for some casual gaming, as long as you don't have a low BB cap.

  17. Stadia has the best network and video streaming infrastructure, GeForce Now has the best gaming hardware, xCloud and PS Now have the best business model.
    I think Google has the best shot at combining those strength, but they do have a history of shutting down promising but flawed products instead of spending any of their infinite money to improve them.

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