Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is The Third WORST Game I’ve Played This Gen

The Ghost Recon Breakpoint review cycle is in full swing and it can’t be more clear that the game is not finished. Ubisoft has released what may be the most …


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  1. Best 3rd person exploration game ive played to date aside red dead redemption 2… Not one issue on an Xbox one X and a Q8 QLED Samsung, runs absolutely flawlessly and looks breathtaking, sure the story videos and interaction videos with npcs are futsy dutsy and the cars feel sloppy, that is no where near a deal breaker for me though as i dont even find myself actually following storys in games super crazy the older i get… hard to immerse yourself in something that isnt real lol…. i just want to smash the game, that being said the map is geographically correct, and massive… ive never seen such a vast amount of different locations to loot, and at that they all look different its not a cut and paste scenario and they make them look slightly different like a farcry or whatever, making the game continuously feel fresh and all the different biomes in provinces aswell..m anyone complaining about this game is a whiney bitch in my opinion, had way more fun with this then Borderlands 3 and i was gunna pass on this title and waited for Borderlands for years. Also ran more smooth on day 1 release for me then Borderlands 3 did, take my 149.99 again and again 10/10…. put 30 hours or so of gameplay into the game so far, also my 353rd game i own on Xbox, my favorite ive played for quite some time

  2. I mean, the focus on microtransactions was for cosmetics and perhaps bundles if you dont wanna hunt them down. Dont like the item pop-ups? Hey theres a setting for that in the options. Dont like microtransactions? be a big boy and dont buy anything. The only thing I heard you say got right was the higher difficulty the more fun and that's correct, sadly everything else you said was based off bandwagoning and opinions that others said before you. Bugs and glitches and no fun true, but they're improving it, it just launched.
    Dont like the player hub?you dont need to go there, at all, go to a campfire and take care of your shit there, which you never pointed out. You just accused it of being similar to the division 2. Gear score ain't shit if you play it your way. My gear score is 75 I have a gun with the gs 30 and I still use it cause I love it. The pvp is alright but it's unfair, I use sniper/asr and it kills, it's too easy.

    But these so called bad points are the same thing people say cause they dont like it. I know some your fans or peeps who dont like the game is gonna come talk shit and say that I'm being sensitive, but this review feels the same as watching a IGN review on cuphead when the guy couldn't beat the tutorial.

    Just my opinion 🙂

  3. Why don't you stop bitching and just have fun. Grow the fuck up, because you ain't making the game and if you don't like it then don't play it. Stop crying like a baby about it. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  4. You’re such a hater, sure micro transactions suck I agree 100% except for cosmetics are fine but if you ask me their is hardly anything even worth buying cosmetics wise, should of had more cool shit in the store. This game is a combination of wild lands and odyssey, only part of the division is the hub, the raid, and the drones. loot is from odyssey so is the ui/menus, and your inventory menu and gear stats same as odyssey. It’s about as grindy as odyssey or wild lands, not even close to division1&2 honestly. Drones are op but the hell you expect? Try shooting at those things in real life, and get back to me once you killed it, they are heavily armoured no shit they’re bullet sponge, but even killing the big tank drones that has a gearscore of 280 and you only have gearscore of 50 it take 5-10 minutes bruh fuckin crybabies honestly, and if you have the same gearscore as the tank, and you know what you’re doing well then they die in 30 seconds not even a challenge. these behemoths tanks are like the war elephants from origins or the cyclops mythical creatures from odyssey, you’ll wish they were harder once you kill them in a min, nothing will scare you anymore and then it will be boring

  5. Curious. What's the hate of the microtransactions? Does it affect you in anyway? Does it actually affect any players outside of any besides the idiot that bought it? (I say idiot because the amount of gear that's dropped its unnecessary) . If people choose to spend more money to progress (rather than you know play the game like it's meant to) why complain? I'm about 25 hrs in and higher gs , and nearly complete with trophies, leveled max 3 of the four classes maxed. And omg not a dime paid 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

    As for the world being big (I still prefer running same as wildlands.. unless of course it's like 17km. But you have to use the systems given to you. The drone can see further areas, you find Intel on bivocs(or w.e they called) . The fast travel system works as intended

  6. I don't get what all the negative talk is for the final version of the game is quite good. Yes there are some micro-transactions but i don't even pay attention to that or go in the store. It's an updated version of Wildlands and if everyone stoped complaining it's a good game. You posted this on it's release date…the Beta is not the game do another review.

  7. Every review on this game just seems so nitpicky 🤦🏽‍♀️ and I wanted this game so bad but the way ya complain about every lil thing I think I’ll just pass until it’s like 20 dollars thank you guys for ruining it for me now I don’t wanna buy it in spite of ya because it might just be that bad 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Apparently we have different viewpoints of the game. As someone extremely interested in spec ops this is like my dream game. I've never had any of the lag/glitch issues since I've been playing as well. Maybe just a bad experience

  9. I personally feel this review is very bias…….due to the simple fact most reviews I see on this channel is just bashing almost any other game that has came out recently. Every reviewer has their opinions but when I can look through your videos and most are just bad reviews it just blatantly bashing games I as a consumer have to look at other reviews due to the look of biased tendencies…..not knocking your work. And I really do enjoy your view of things.

  10. Me I actually never experienced any of this from the Beta and the full game. The beta was glitchy but I never see any of those glitches from the beta to the full game. I still had fun when I played it. I played it for like 3 days and had fun.

  11. A bunch of whiners. Criticizing a game for something literally every game has? What game doesn’t crash? What game doesn’t have micro transaction? Maybe it wouldn’t be so easy if you didn’t play on the easiest difficulty you fucking noobs


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