Ghost Recon Breakpoint PVP Gameplay + Impressions

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Multiplayer gameplay and Impressions. PVP from the get go this time! Check out the game here: …



30 thoughts on “Ghost Recon Breakpoint PVP Gameplay + Impressions”

  1. I think they should focus on realism. Like getting into a prone or lying down position to take a steady shot. You seem to be able to run with unlimited stamina or loss of breath, almost robotic like. They should also focus on the breathing while taking a shot. The graphics are good, just some of the game play mechanics needs a little work.

  2. what kind of a desfigurated monster plays pvp on a ghost recon i buy this games for the open world and military misions , this kinda pvp would be cool on a playstation 2 on 2002 not in 2019 , and i love all this games, but i would never understand why they dont go first person , on them whats tactical about third person ill never understand it