Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Starter Gameplay Tips and Class Guide | Ubisoft [NA]

Learn how to use sync shot drones, hold your breath and steady your aim, disable enemy turrets, upgrade your weapons, and use perks. Plus, find out what …


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  1. This was actually a pretty decent video. Loving the game despite the glitches it has. Playing with friends is the best. When squad AI comes out, I hope there is an option to disable it so people have options to play true solo or not.

  2. SO LET ME SAY SOMETHING OUTTA INTEREST FOR UBISOFT AND THE COMMUNITY…so WALKER DIES…Fair enough but what about John berthnal coming back as Frank castLE…? Like actually the punisher …imagine the hype and the excitment and badass wave thatcwoukd make lol. This game has the capability to make it possible…intro could be nomad meeting him and being like walker!? How I thought… Frank castLE: who? Just call me Frank…

  3. Well im soloing this on Extreme and have np at all clearing an enemy base or sniping an amon drone without emp also no dc's or whatever i rly love this game nice job Ubisoft and all you others folks who worked on the game thank you for this game but still i would love to have a dog companion a droid one i mean this is a high tech isle right ☺️
    Oh and i found a glitch wich let me kill Walker (lvl 150+) so i got his blueprint for his guns allrdy and completed the "what it seems so far" the final mission
    Your defs can pm me if you want to know more 😊 maybe i can get a reward for finding this glitch like a droid dog companion haha 😇😉

  4. My big tip: When you advertise the game with a new team, Fury, Vasily, Fixit……bring back the AI team in. It's not immersive to go solo, and not everyone has the luxury to go coop. I love the team dynamic (teamwork, dialogue, etc) in Wildlands, but going solo in breakpoint. No super dark ops SF goes solo.

  5. Yet another hit by the best developer in gaming. Damn you UbiSoft! I love you! Wetlands, now Breakpoint are awesome!

    As are the following series:
    Watch Dogs
    Far Cry
    Splinter Cell (need a new one please!)


  6. Ubisoft most of us want a Ghost Recon game when we purchase the title. We want a military simulator with realistic balanced action. We want the game that you promised but haven’t delivered. For example, why not have proper ballistics? Why not be able to FULLY customize your weapon? Why can’t you FULLY customize anything? Why are you holding us back?

    We Want What We Were Promised Ubisoft

  7. Ghost recon breakpoint … Un juego bastante PRIMITIVO.. desde la interface … Hasta los pedidos de movilidad … Has TA jugabilidad y pasando por los gráficos … Definitivamente no lo recomiendo comprar el juego … Prestarse y jugar si .. pero lo recomiendo gastar dinero en un juego como este . .están retrocediendo con este juego … No sirve el audio en español latino… No sé puede activar el audio latino … Una pena decir q este juego es un asco…

  8. You can get behind any of the automated guns or morters and you can hack or turn them completely off, doing this means that you don't have to take out the generater and alert the entire base leaving you to sneak all you want


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