GIVEAWAY WINNERS & Brutal Gameplay – War Robots WR

War Robots Gameplay and GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT – Brutal Play on my own WR Account. Find All 5 Winners – sorted by ID – here: Good Luck …


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  1. Please Remember: Among 11,000 Comments – I could only pick 50 random winners. The chances were around 220:1 – so please dont have your hopes too high.
    But we do Giveaways every month or so now – so there will be more chances coming!
    Find All 50 Winners – sorted by ID – here: Good Luck my Friends! Next Giveaway in 1 Month or so.

    Keep in mind: Prizes can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive!

  2. I just found out about your channel and I love ittt I play a low wofr and really like it, I like your videos and am so gelouse about your accounts lol. Keep up the vids and I’m impressed of your giveaways

  3. Hi Manni. Can you also have one extra camera shooting your phone/hands closeup one time so we can se how you operate on your device? Can you make that happen you think? Hope you had fun flying like an Au Jun on your vacation. Klabster.


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