GOBLIN CAGE vs ALL CARDS Gameplay 108 Interactions | Clash Royale GOBLIN CAGE Gameplay

Goblin Cage vs All Cards Gameplay! Over 108 Interactions against Goblin Cage in 1v1 Situations. Clash Royale Goblin Cage Gameplay by RadicalRosh. Watch …


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  1. Important: The color changing effect on the goblin (our side of the area) is purely a visual glitch on the dev build. Actual live build version will be normal. Confirmed with the team.

    1. 4 Elixir Rare / Type: Building.
    2. When Building destroyed and A buffed goblin brawler comes out.
    3. Building Life Time: 15sec / HP : 800 ( lvl9 )
    4. Goblin Brawler HP: 853 ( lvl9 ) / Damage: 211 ( lvl9 ) / HitSpeed: 1.1sec.
    5. Targets Ground Troops Only.
    6. Fast Moving.

    What Do you think about GOBLIN CAGE? Comment below!

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