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28 thoughts on “GRAND THEFT AUTO SAN ANDREAS Remastered PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 (GTA Definitive Edition)”
  1. I was suprised that the description in GTA 3 it says "It all starts in Liberty City" like was GTA 3 have liberty city first appeared at? because i do know that the first gta game i played which is GTA 4 which got me to play it because of Achivement hunter side channel – Lets play, got me to play it and i play online and i like it, and gta 3 is the 2nd game i played on my phone and GTA 5 is where i played it 3rd so yeah, idk if gta 5 is a different story from it since GTA 4 (the last game to feature liberty city) starts in liberty city and the GTA 5 Starts! in Los Santos

  2. This is why im going to unsub to you. You play a hour here or there and don’t continue on some games. You did the same thing with DBZ KaKaRot and it is very annoying.

  3. They only targeting CJ on the bike because Ryder and Smoke wasn't grove Street no more and wanted him dead . I now realize this part and other moments in the game leading up to knowing they wasn't your homies no more

  4. This is my favorite game and I've never beat it. I get stuck in San Fierro on the underwater mission. I tried just recently when I re-download it on PS4 last year. But so happy it's remastered! I'll definitely play it over again with these graphics! I will say that it's interesting to see you play it so far lol

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