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25 thoughts on “Gravitational | PSVR REVIEW”
  1. I'm still hanging out for the next Red Matter. That game was my jam 🔥🔥🔥

    (Except the ending where I didn't know wtf happened- but the rest was my jam!)

  2. It's also worth mentioning that unless you own a stool or sit on a chair with absolutely no arms, you can't even get passed the first 3 minutes of the game due to not being able to grab the wheelchair wheels, that are almost directly under your a$$.
    What a mess of a game. I will say it again, how do developers in 2021 still not know that no one wants forced blinders, forced huge subtitle boxes or forced "re-center" screens that kick you out of game if you move 3" forward. Beyond frustrating at this point

  3. Since day one I thought a main character in a wheelchair would be a great way to get around motion sickness on VR and had high hopes for this game. Big disappointment that it doesn't seem to be a good game

  4. Great review! But jeez am I tired of seeing these unimaginative VR ‘puzzle’ games where I move floating blocks around. A great example of a puzzle VR game is Hitman. In that, you do have to figure some stuff out to get the challenges, but it’s all in a real world ( & if you get frustrated you can just start shooting everyone to let off steam 😀 )

  5. That is… very disappointing to hear. I had… I won’t say “high” hopes, but, moderate hopes for this game. Too bad it looks like a flop.

  6. Thanks for the review Bryan. I hate to say it but the limitations of the PS4 and the Move controls make it time for Sony to move on. There may be a few games left that will be worth playing but this tech is really showing it's age.

  7. OK. Sounds like even extensive patches won't fix this one. What a shame. I found the concept of playing a wheelchair-bound protagonist really intriguing and had high hopes for this. Oh well.

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