Greedfall Gameplay – All Skills & Important Info You Want To Know (Greedfall Tips And Tricks

Greedfall gameplay while waiting for Greedfall review (greedfall ps4 gameplay with greedfall tips and tricks – greed fall – creedfall) Like the video? Subscribe …



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  1. I still want the weapons to be visible tho. Immersion is pretty important to me, heck, my must have mods for Skyrim is Footprints. FOOTPRINTS!! Dont get me wrong, Im still gonna get this but I guess I`ll be playing as a magic gal/guy who mains daggers and or pistols.

  2. Game is great!! I have been playing the whole last weekend, I am now level 11. So far, the game is a solid 8-9/10..artistic style of the game is great and unique, the gameplay is good, no lagging and no bugs so far, characters are interesting and they are not blend ( as Assassins creed odyssey for example..), atmosphere and sound are nice… I am really impressed with this game as this is from a little studio( never before played their other games)…overall, mix between Witcher 3, Dragons age and Dragons it, go and get it:)!!!

  3. I'm going magic and a bit of guns for mana reload. I got the game two days ago. Gosh it's sooo good 🙂 beautiful, and right from the start, already secondary quests with choices. I met Kurt and Vasco and both are awesome (Kurt surprises me, he's not the blank soldier I thought he would be).

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