Grid – First Gameplay

Check out the first look at gameplay from the newly announced Grid reboot, showcasing races through the streets of San Francisco and Shanghai. Grid – Reveal …


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  1. Please bring back the drifting physics from the original grid, that was soo perfect! Any other game's was a huge disappointment since I experienced the Racedriver Grid drifting….. pleeeeaseeeee.

  2. Please lower the amount of tire smoke generate from faster cars running at high speed.

    A racing game that took the approach of being visually and aesthetically realistic, despite the fact that it was not design to be a simulator, should at least make its car movements and animation look believable and not taken the full-on ridiculous arcade style. Arcade style animation and effects only works if the game aesthetic itself wasn't trying to be as realistic as possible in the first place.

    Doing arcade style with realistic visual, will only fell into that uncanny valley like making human robot face, off.


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