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42 thoughts on “GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced FIRST GAMEPLAY on the PS5”
  1. You know Rockstar is just really wasting our time but you can just look closer like that graphics are really the same if the game looks exactly the same like PS4 and Xbox One then I can just tell that this is not the enhanced it this is just a waste of time

  2. I would like to see the ability grab and hold things. For example, if you're stood on a car, you could crouch down and grab something on the car so you don't fall off. Could also hang from helicopters or planes and if used with ledges would allow a bit of parkour, and potentially the ability to do tricks on a skateboard or ride a skateboard hanging off the back of a car. Could even use it against people for a bit of wrestling or judo, or picking up and throwing objects.

  3. Expansion: San Fierro, Los Ventures, and Los Santos all in one map.
    Enhancements: RDR2 game engine, more shrubbery, animals in online, pet dogs that are able to attack fellow players (damage would depend on where they bite and what breed they are). Cats, snakes, lizards, what ever the fuck you want to intimidate fellow players. Story expansion, everything in online is permanently 79% off. 300 players lobbies (because of the bigger map).

  4. I really hope they just add the 6 star wanted level back into GTA online so if you cause enough Mayhem the National Guard will enter the city to hunt you down just like GTA 3 cuz that would be cool you're now fighting against tanks and jets from the military along with the cops

  5. If I buy the PS4 version of GTA 5 on my PS5 will I have to buy it again for the PS5 version when it comes out in November? Or can I still play the PS4 version and it updates?

  6. I'm most likely NOT going to buy the new GTA 5 edition. Bought it for PS3 and it was really nothing special in terms of gameplay and content. GTA 5 was the worst game in the series IMO. PC was better, due to improved graphics, and lots of mods. But I see no reason to buy the game on PS5.

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