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32 thoughts on “Halo Infinite Campaign Hands-On Impressions Of The First 4 Missions – NEW XBOX SERIES X GAMEPLAY”
  1. Typical preview from ponygamer. No spark you say? Is that because it's not a 3rd person over the shoulder old dad snore fest? Wesley Yin-Pony is the wrong person to be previewing an Xbox game especially Halo. He's so far up Sonys ass.

  2. It looks like 343 copied Doom Eternal a bit with the grapple shot and the skill tree and even the name. Yet this Halo seems slower and more reserved than the past games. I was burned by Halo5 and I don't think I could bring myself to play this

  3. I knew a halo 5 wasn't gunna measure up simply because you don't always play as Master Chief.
    Really looking forward to this campaign. There was lots of driving through empty space in original halos on some levels so im not worried atall.

  4. The best example of any open world encouraging exploration is Breath of the Wild. You can go in any direction, at any time and you will absolutely find things you wouldn't expect. There's no wasted space at all.

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