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29 thoughts on “Halo Infinite Direct Comparison | Everything about Campaign Details & Gameplay on Xbox Series S | X”
  1. don't care what anyone says at the end of the day if they want to be negative but if they want to be positive or at least have constructive criticism that's fine and dandy with me about this game now with that being said my personal opinion is this game looks amazing but 4K resolution on YouTube still does not do the game Justice so if you haven't played the game I highly recommend that you do so.

  2. Colt! I’m a huge Halo fan. I’ve seen all the major campaign reveal recaps and this was, by a long shot, the best. Really capitulated the hype and amazing features that infinite is bringing. Keep it up mate.

  3. There is definitely an improvement in visuals but dear good I hope its more of a focused campaign and not an Ubi game rip off bore-fest of taking over bases and very little else, I am so fucking bored to death of that crap.

    I liked the MP and and apart from some pretty uninspired maps I thought it was solid and looked pretty good graphically, I am still cautiously optimistic the campaign will be ok, from what I have seen that is the best I can hope form if it really is just a some watered down uni clone I will be very disappointed.

    Halo is my fav game franchise, so the abomination that was Halo 4 MP and Halo 5 Campaign has left a very very bad taste. 343 are definitely a talented studio and have some very cool ideas for FPS games and I loved H5 as a great MP Arena FPS game but I am yet to be convinced they are a studio that should be working on the halo franchise, I know for sure they could make a kick ass FPS game, but I think the Halo baggage kinda holds them back. I want someone to take on Halo that really want to make a halo game and not their own thing I know that sounds crappy and not sure if there is anyone out there who would even want to do that but I hope I am wrong and infinite is a return to form for halo and we get an epic campaign and epic MP, I guess we shall find it very soon for sure

  4. I do not understand why people make it their goal in life to make everyone miserable because they don't like a game. They just need to go back to playing their barbie game and know that other games will be coming out… it's amazing how that works. MS is killing it with their releases (lots of them!) and their diversity in types of games and such. Game Pass is awesome.

  5. It looks pretty great.. i always hated halo campaign killing fat stupid aliens and other dumb enemies but this one looks excellent.. kinda sad i went for the ps5 this Gen, we got some banger games over here and coming but I do prefer the Xbox controller even if it dosent have all the cool tech the ps5 controller has, the Xbox one layout and feel is just better.. and while the ps5 has an over clocked processor speed I’m really curious how that extra 1.7tf on the Xbox x is gonna present itself when games are fully next Gen only

  6. It's basically Xbox one version, remastered for Series X lol. Crazy how much it changed in one year without restarting the whole game. Kudos to 343. They should have dropped last gen from the get go (i know it's still cross gen). I don't care if they said series x was their main target, that's pr bs, it's clear Xbox one was their main target.

  7. the open world shit has me worried. I have really lost interest in lots of games because of big open worlds that kill the flow by making me travel way across maps to get to the next mission or fill it with a bunch of pointless crap that takes your focus away from the story. If this shit ends up just running from outpost to outpost or at any point leaves me sitting there not knowing where to go to keep the story going I will be pissed. I stopped playing the last far cry game because i got tired of that shit. Open worlds are not some magical game saving thing. And in most cases they just are boring and repetitive.

  8. Let's be real here, Halo has never been known for its breathtakingly visuals, it's the fast action, fun gameplay that is appealing. There are improvements from the 2020 footage but nothing spectacular. I'm sure the gameplay won't disappoint from what I've seen so far.

    I retract my statement. After viewing the trailer more, I am convinced the campaign looks utter trash. Enemy AI is horrendous, level of detail and pop-ins are in serious trouble. Hopefully it won't be this bad once it's released.

  9. Looks good, but I thought it looked good in 2020 as well. I didn’t see why it was receiving so much negativity then. Yes, it looks better now than it did in 2020, but I didn’t see why it was getting so much hate back then. I’m not a fan of first person shooters but I’m very much looking forward to this game.

  10. I have never played halo before. How do I get into the franchise and play to experience the story? Should I just chronologically play in the master chief collection?

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