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38 thoughts on “Halo Infinite – Official Campaign Overview”
  1. There had seriously better be some adequate fleshing out of what happened between the close of 5 and the start of Infinity. 343i's biggest failing in their handling of the franchise has been making gamers go to the expanded U to make sense of the story. If the info isn't in game, make a short film if you must.

    From a gameplay standpoint, I'm not sold on trying to inject Titanfall mobility and RPG gear/advancement mechanics into Halo gsmeplay, but we'll see how it all shakes out.

  2. Seems like they mixed Halo with a bit of Far Cry. Open world, covenant base clearing, non-linear mission structure. This is a win in my book. And the gameplay seems to evoke the feel of classic Halo games. Really looking forward to this campaign and I'll see you all in MP on PC. The open MP beta was fantastic. Can't wait!

  3. After playing Halo 4 I said I'll never buy another Halo game. after playing Halo 5 I said I'll never buy another Halo game. Just take my money Halo 6

  4. For the last 8 years halo hasn’t felt like halo to me. The music and vibe of this makes me feel like I’m seeing halo again. I’m excited for the first time in a long time.

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