HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 IS HERE!!! (Secret Demo) | Hello Guest Gameplay

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42 thoughts on “HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 IS HERE!!! (Secret Demo) | Hello Guest Gameplay

  1. We could be the neighbor, and the crow could be Aaron! This is because in the Hello Neighbor books, Nicky finds papers in the Neighbor's office that has his son scribbled out saying he is a bad omen. Crows mean bad omen. COMFIRMED

  2. If you want to know how to beat it I know how… After you die on the first shift, buy as many gas cans as you can and a crowbar and a fuse(The fuse glows). Get into that engine room and empty them into a tank by a hand wheel. (It should be red). After use the crowbar on the boarded door to go to the roller coaster. Press the button by the roller coaster on your way into it. It will start moving and hop into it and it will take you to the other side. Put the fuse in the slot by the rocket coaster, press the button, and there ya go. The bad ending you just die a bunch of times. Also those 'White people' try to destroy the amusement park just scare them away. Also that crow dude is the neighbor wearying a mask and you are a security guard. Press TAB for inventory and use an inhaler to get your heartrate back to normal

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