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27 thoughts on “HOUSE OF ASHES Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS PC] – No Commentary”
  1. The Arabic here is Egyptian, not Iraqi . Very disappointed. They don't even bother about researching what languages should be used in the context of this game.

  2. Its weird how Rachel(Ashley tishdale) is really having a hard time delivering her lines as if they are believable. The girl had a parasite in her, and not even a simple gasp! De voiceacting is really bad, especially towards the end. I liked the story tho, and the graphics, especially the blood, is amazing!

  3. Great video! But please with these gameplay vids can you look around more show us the room etc. I feel like there's so much detail (the giant statues and carvings etc) we've missed out on. Great vid anyway. Also kind of like the fact you picked the more d*ckhead options for the characters that come off as d*ckhead and respectable options for the nicer characters so it actually fits their personalities.

  4. House of ashes is my favorite story from the trilogies, little hope being the one I liked the least of the three.
    Salim is my favorite character, but for no reason, I had a big soft spot for Jason during the game. 😂

  5. Really nice playthrough and great game! Enjoyed the story development. Pretty solid, good character builds and deciding situations. Great bonding between enemies against a greater fiend and setting aside their differences to survive together.

  6. Yikes, I'm sorry but clearly no research into the Marine Corps went into the development of this game. Love the story, but the initial scene in Saddam's palace and the ride on the Hawk was borderline painful.

  7. Salim using Guns
    – Damage -40%
    – Chance of Miss +80%
    – 100% Likehood to not Join the Battle

    Salim using Crowbar
    – Damage +200%
    – Critical Chance +100%
    – 80% Chance Instant Kill
    – Teamwork +100%
    – Social Skill +100%
    – 300% Exp Gain if Teamwork with Jason
    – New Trait Unlocked : Giga Chad

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