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29 thoughts on “House of Ashes Review – Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes PS5 Gameplay”
  1. I was going to get it on PS5 instead of XBSS (can't find a SX yet) but after playing the demo on SS (I have previous 2 on XB) I was astonished just how good this looks on the little Series S, incredible little machine.

  2. great game but none of the games since Until Dawn have really done it for me, there was just something about Until Dawn which hasnt been matched with the other games since

  3. Finished it a few hours back…
    Can easily say that it's the best game from Supermassive since Until Dawn!

    Now I can't wait for The Devil in Me (2022)

  4. Great review. I might play this, but I hate the centering of soldiers in an illegal war. But I do love the Dark Pictures. However, I’m not working too hard to keep Tisdale from dying because, ya know, CIA 😆

  5. As Iraqi myself i jumped in tears when it was announced, because FINALLY someone remembered that we have the most ancient most influential civilization in the human history, and not just wars and shit
    I mean ya sure it's a built on the premise of the war, and ya it would've been nice if the protagonists were actually the locals BECAUSE IT'S OUR MYTHOLOGIES instead of the typical "American soldier heroes"
    But i take what i get, it's enough for me that someone finally remembered our Mesopotamian history and mythologies

  6. Unless the camera is 1000000x zoomed into a character's back covering half the screen, 3rd person is always wonky (besides in wide, empty, uninteresting MMO like level "design"). 1st person perspective is still my default preference. Dont need to ALWAYS see my character.

  7. Great review Ian! Just one question: Will the curator of stories still be there in the repository? (The place where the player and the curator meet) That guy literally scares me because he makes me question my own doubts and choices! (His dark mood and personality really makes the game surreal!)

  8. Thanks, for the review, Ian. It appears the series keeps getting better and better on a technical level? I predict the final entry (four, or five games later) is going to resemble a modern day Until Dawn, because that's where the roots of this anthology started. People want that game right now, but I think allowing the devs to experiment with different techniques is going to result in something even better than Until Dawn, when it finally arrives. Until Dawn was six years ago, and as much as everybody loves that game, we need a new one with modern tech and techniques.

  9. Good to know they keep improving.
    I do wish they'd change up the QTEs though. Why not use the sticks more instead of the face buttons? If you're running down a corridor & something falls ahead of you, pushing up on a stick at the right moment would feel more immersive than pressing Square. Likewise, cutting a rope by moving the other stick left & right could also work well, as long as they don't go David Cage with it & try to replicate every single little motion in weird, complex ways.

  10. The Dark Pictures Anthology games are underappreciated; when I first heard about the free camera, I was concerned that it would offer the player too much power, sapping the carefully maintained immersion of good horror and diminishing the developers' ability to set a dramatic and unsettling moods using scripted events and thoughtful level design like they did in the previous entries.
    If this entry still manages to be good without fixed camera angles then that is my mind at ease, thanks Eurogamer.

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