How To Buy a PS5 or Xbox from Amazon – Online Buying Guide and Tips

29 thoughts on “How To Buy a PS5 or Xbox from Amazon – Online Buying Guide and Tips

  1. Hopefully Amazon still drops tomorrow but I am canceling the live stream just for my mental health – I explain that in the video and I will tweet that info very shortly as well. It's pretty much 50/50 now but I will show the proof it was scheduled after the drop.

  2. always with the good info mr randall. thumbs up. ill try this next time. its too bad they took your affiliate link away since others twatters are sharing your tips but promoting their amazon link for $$$

  3. Love seeing this and glad we've had a chance to talk so much about this drop. Been loving our chats! Happy to see you help so many folks out 🙂 Much love.

  4. Thx Jake Randall for all the help cause of you, you made me the happiest I’ve been in a long time you were right about the Walmart drop and every little detail you said was right thanks so much again and you were even right that Walmart delivers it sooner too! I can’t believe this is real again thx so much and if you watched this guys videos and think he’s bs your wrong trust me listen to him he is 💯 right again thx so much Jake!

  5. Jake Randall this is Richard. I like your videos a regular basis. I hit the like button. During a PS5 shortage I have found comfort in your Channel. You are almost like a Biblical prophet. I like your ethics in delivery. I took your advice for the Walmart drop on PS5 disc. It took me an hour but I got the PS5 in my cart. 10 minutes later I checked out. The PS5 derive the day before my birthday. Thanks for all your blessings and attitude. I wish you the best of luck with your condition. I have a PS5 thanks to you.

  6. Bro I had the PS5, it is nothing but hype, after 2 months I got tired of it and sold it to my friend, the controller has no kinda grip, storage capacity is lame, can’t even play in a top of the line monitor, response time sucks, it is loud at times, the controller gets dirty quick no matter how clean you are, my thumb sticks wore out pretty quick, the plates it has are made cheap, so throughout time they get loose and when the disc drives spins it’s loud as fuck and does a weird noise. PlayStation let me down, I’ll buy the next model when it comes out, but for now Xbox Series X wins, no complaints.

  7. more than 100 times. geez. ridiculous on all levels. i keep trying and if not successful in a few months im giving up and sony can go fuck themselves. ill find another hobby.

  8. Hey Jake there are these scammers that are using your name saying they are your agent to supposedly sell Ps5s at msrp price. Its this instagram page called cipher_web, they tried to scamm me but it didnt work. You should warn viewers about it.

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