How To Setup Facebook Gaming Page (Live Streaming Tips!!!)

31 thoughts on “How To Setup Facebook Gaming Page (Live Streaming Tips!!!)

  1. I normally stream to Facebook and twitch but like you I feel I get more engagement thru Facebook. So I’m thinking of just focusing on Facebook for now and just go live there.

  2. You got my sub bro! Straight to the point and Informative.

    I just started to stream. Have you noticed a audio lag in your videos? I use streamlabs to stream to multiple platforms but FB audio is always off.

  3. How do I make my gaming channel my default page when I comment within the Facebook Gaming app? When I comment it's always my official real page

  4. I have a question and it's urgent, if you set up a FB gaming page, how can you prevent friends/families on my list to know if I'm going to livestream? I don't want them to see that I'm going live on game streaming.

  5. When i set up the capture… do i select “SCREEN capture” or “GAME capture” in SLOBS? Cuz i dont see the game on my Slobs screen… I only see what’s on my laptop screen… I’m confused

  6. Hi I have a question I have a page already made a few videos I am mainly mobile iOS gaming I use streamlabs when I stream it doesn’t work but I downloaded the Facebook gaming app I click that to stream but it goes to my personal profile how do I change the page so it is on my gaming channel it has the correct page setup and everything please help my page is anzacsoldiers gaming lounge

  7. Hey man, how can i set the language for my stream? Because i am from Europe and want to stream in english.
    And also want to be found through the english filter. Do you know how i can do that?

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