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  1. I like how everyone was hating on it and now they see why Nintendo released it. I definitely think it’s worth the upgrade for people who mainly play in handheld mode like myself. The first game I played on my OLED was Octopath Traveler and was blown away. Definitely worth the purchase. I would’ve traded in my 2nd Gen original switch and switch lite but, idk. I want to keep them now for memory sake.

  2. I’m not a usual fan/viewer but I’ve been thinking of getting the new switch to play some old nostalgic games so I’ve been watching your recent videos on it.. I have to say though just for a YouTube video in general, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a transition into an ad (g-fuel) as smooth as that.. probs on that, takes skill

  3. I am not impressed with the OLED switch and if they enhanced it with a pro version it would be epic but, due to the fact that they only improved slight things and not the hardware makes it a major pass for me. The smash bros limited edition switch is better!

  4. This video makes me want to buy the OLED model… I mostly play handheld, but I have a perfectly working original model Switch. I am so conflicted. Part of me is like wait, until there is a newer Switch with more features and upgrades but another part of me is like must buy…. 🤦‍♀️😅😬

  5. I havent bought a switch since release, so happy to get the OLED + Metroid Dread special edition. Plus it's a good bday gift to myself for my bday tomorrow. perfect timing lol

  6. Glad to see everybody else is enjoying their new OLED switch. I picked mine up this morning from target went to set it up and it doesn’t work, won’t turn on or anything. Target had no more stock when I went back to try and exchange it.

  7. Tbh my eyes can’t really keep a bad time with it so I’m quite fine with my regular switch and there basically the same console they play the same games tbh

  8. Considering getting a switch for the first time definitely gonna get this oled model if I do anybody got any tips for someone potentially just now jumping into switch gaming?

  9. I was thinking of gifting my switch to my kids and getting myself this for my birthday this month. I play in handheld a lot because my kids are always watching my tv. 🤔. Might have to go on ahead and do it, lol.

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