I Now Own GHOUL TROOPER | Gameplay/Rant on Rarity (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Support a Creator: Piz0 — with a zero I am now only missing 4 skin total in Fortnite Battle Royale! Today 10/30/2019, we got Ghoul Trooper back in the Fortnite …



48 thoughts on “I Now Own GHOUL TROOPER | Gameplay/Rant on Rarity (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. My freind just out of nowhere gifted it to me and I was so fucken happy. I thanked him so much but then after like 2 games later he gifted me skull ranger. He's the best this Christmas coming up I'm finna gift him a whole item shop lmao

  2. I didn’t buy the ghoul trooper just because epic thought it was ok to not give everybody the pink variation of the skin. I’ve spent easy around 900$ on Fortnite and I’ve been playing Fortnite since season 1 or 2. It shouldn’t matter about when you decided to support the game as long as you supported the game. I stopped caring about skin rarity for the longest now.

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