Iceborne Final Boss Gameplay/Breakdown + Armor and Weapon Showcase – Monster Hunter World Iceborne!

A god damn ridiculous hell demon from another world! Enjoy! Support me on Patreon: Discord: Monster Hunter …



40 thoughts on “Iceborne Final Boss Gameplay/Breakdown + Armor and Weapon Showcase – Monster Hunter World Iceborne!”

  1. I’m gonna rock the full beta set and rotate mantles so I can have full uptime on those set bonuses indefinitely. Along with that, the ability to socket your mantles after doing their respective side quests is another point on the sweetness meter. Initially I didn’t give a crap about doing those side quests, because I saw that the gems only activated while you were wearing the mantle, but now this set makes those so incredibly valuable. I don’t care what else comes to be meta, this will be MY meta build.

  2. You should've seen my brother and I's reaction to this thing. He was very unimpressed but changed his tune in phase 2. I thought he was beautifully done and haven't had so much fun grinding since Atal Ka.
    Shame that his LBG(my main weapon) kinda sucks. The design is amazing tho!

  3. Ngl Shara's weapons have THE BEST weapon designs in game and I love how the armor looks and they sound like something a hammer main can really get behind with the full set. In my opinion the full set sounds like a vaiable armor set to use with hammers and hunting horns.

  4. Glad to see you guys make it to the end of the storyline! A thing with his ultimate attack: if you stand just outside the hit box for it (about 2/3's of the way out of the center of the map), you'll actually get sucked into it, kinda like a blackhole.

  5. Hey at least you put up a warning and blocked out the thumbnail. I already had the boss spoiled for me so might as well watch it from my favorite monster Hunter channel. (Still a bit salty at weiss/bossfightdatabase for spoiling it to be honest)

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