Insane Shadowplay, Hayabusa Perfect Gameplay [ Onic AntiMage Hayabusa ] Mobile Legends

Insane Shadowplay, Hayabusa Perfect Gameplay [ Onic AntiMage Hayabusa ] Mobile Legends Player : AntiMage …



44 thoughts on “Insane Shadowplay, Hayabusa Perfect Gameplay [ Onic AntiMage Hayabusa ] Mobile Legends

  1. I swear, stop comparing AntiMage and Xiyor. AntiMage is a pro player, Xiyor is or ordinary rank player, from that we know that AntiMage is a better player. AntiMage, said to be one of the best offlaner, on tournament hey ban his Hayabusa.

    "bUt XiYoR aLwAyS pLaYs SoLo Q"
    The game itself about 5v5, not even Moonton said you can't 5man team matching, usually when you 5 man, your opponents also 5 man, so it's fair. AntiMage also recently doing solo q, and in SEA server. Xiyor on the other hand, he plays solo, but not a pro player, he never got match with a pro player/team. He plays in NA server, same server with your so-called God of MM, General. On his Livestream before M1, Gosu pretty much always need to take it to the late game, against SEA pubs. And you guys watched it yourself on the tournament, Gosu can only do so much.

  2. Disclaimer : this is only my opinion

    Antimage is a really fast and precise haya player, he knows how to be a dangerous offlaner and is often regarded as one of the best offlaners in tournament. Of course, he always queue with his team, but playing with team doesn't mean that it will take away a player's skills

    Xiyor also has a good skill, but the difference is he plays in NA server. Even though he plays in an easier server (based on my observation), It's impressive that he always solo queue

    My current favourite haya player is Stenly Wisal. Although he doesn't have much recognition like those 2 players above, I think he deserves the recognition like Antimage and Xiyor have

    His 2nd skill timing is insane that he barely needs ult to finish off the enemies. I think it's worth to watch his gameplays

    Edit : fixed the paragraph

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