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43 thoughts on “Inside Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart on PS5: The Insomniac Technology Breakdown”
  1. This game was first one I put on my PS5 and it made me completely drop the idea of upgrading TV from Panasonic VT30 plasma to 4K OLED. This after I picked my jaw from the floor that is. I really hope other devs will take notice about what gamers think about these modes (most say Performance RT is the way to go) and understand that they are making games and games are to be enjoyed, not for posting screenshots. Insomiac did it perfectly, game at lower res with all effects, just less of some details (Insomiac had alwasy extremely good LOD implementation), photo mode at 4K. Love it!

  2. This fully interactive experience rendered in real time looks better than many 3D cartoon movies. Kids can't possibly appreciate this as much as they aught to.

  3. Xbox can load couple of levels at once with several games at once 😺 poor Sony is so weak and Xbox is Monster that will explode if APU is bad and it's only 1 in 40 so you will be happy and play about 10 whole levels at once

  4. I love insight into the development of games from the devs themselves, and who better than the tech lead 👍
    Also, i wanted to congratulate John on a pretty stellar interview. Out of all the interviews that Mike has done, he actually seemed to open up and enjoy himself in this one and that made for a great showing.
    Congrats John and the DF team 👌

  5. I am so much excited for the future of ps5 exclusives. As Mike said its just a tip of an iceberg of what ps5 can do. Bring it on baby I am ecstatic . I am glad I got my hands on PS5. I love you Rachet and Clank Rift Apart.

  6. This studio alone is why I believe paying full price for a game is better then GamePass and gaas. Just look how polished and how well put together this game is. Same with The Last Of Us Part 2, God Of War, Ghosts Of Tsushima, Spider-Man, I could ramble on all day, these games should be paid for full price, not some subscription service. Pay these talented Devs what they deserve (I'm well aware not all the money of a game goes to the Dev, however they certainly get more money for the work). edit Just to add I'm not a fanboy, just believe well polished games like this one, don't belong on a subscription service I feel it cheapens gaming and that talented studios should be paid in full so that they can make more awesome games.

  7. Another attempt to shoe for Sony , what’s this your third R&K video. Yes it looks like a thirty year old Pixar film and uses a SSD wow 🤩 just not impressed at all by this game,

  8. The Insomniac guys are geniuses. The quality of their latest releases, Spiderman 2016 included, is incredible. They are wholly representative of what AAA should be. I just graduated with a CS degree and with all the horror stories of game development I'm not planning on applying to game dev positions, but I think I might still apply to Insomniac. I would love to be a small part of the team that brings these incredible works of art to life.

  9. One of the most shocking parts of that interview was when he said there is still performance overhead left, it’s like has SONY created a monster with the PS5

  10. John, I’ve said it before and will say it again on all of these developer discussions, absolute best content on DF.
    Thank you. And thanks to Mike and all the team at Insomniac. ❤️

  11. Great interview, really interesting stuff as always from these dev ones. Another good one is Bluepoint, check that out if you like the behind the scenes like discussion

  12. How come you guys failed to mention the game is a buggy mess for a Sony AAA release? . Considering there is generally barely an issue in this regard with a Sony first party game it stands out like dogs balls that this had not been play tested much prior to release. Ratchet and Rivet get stuck in the landscape pretty frequently. Also i don't remember Digital foundry mentioning the broken HDR implementation in the game that needs to be altered outside of the game to fix it. This game was clearly rushed to be out before E3 and not quality checked first.

  13. Is always cool to learn more about game development, and John Linneman is a very good interviewer, he doesn't just know the tech stuffs, but he really listens to the guest and he doesn't interrupt him, nice interview.

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