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45 thoughts on “Is Halo Infinite Multiplayer Dropping on Monday?! – Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 67”
  1. I don't get this "inclusive" talk. EA and Activision doesn't care about that at all lol. They need Halo to be huge to sell consoles and GamePass. Phil is nice, but he runs a business.

  2. I’m not super into collectors editions but the only ones I ever was into was the halo ones. I even got the halo 5 statue, didn’t get the halo reach one sadly back in the day just got the steel book, same with halo 4. Anyways kinda sucks, I’ve been holding out specifically for a collectors edition.

  3. I have a feeling they are going to release halo multiplayer “beta”. It will be the full multiplayer game/modes/maps without the battle pass. They can maybe release modes and maps weekly until it launches. When it officially releases, that’s when we will get the battle pass/ranking system.

  4. Halo multiplayer on the 15th makes sense! Microsoft gets game of the year with Forza and the award for best multiplayer game of 2021 with Halo! Since the Geof calender ends on November 19th and not on December 31st, like the rest of us…
    Take care and be safe.

  5. Re: Halo multiplayer coming on monday
    If campaign co op is still slated for post-launch, I'm not sure I agree with the decision to bring in multiplayer early. Rolling this game out piece by piece is not the big punch I think they want it to have and the better they can mitigate that, I think the stronger their launch is gonna be. 3 weeks is a long time nowadays and I think they run the risk of people burning out.

    It is possible they could do just sampler of multiplayer with a couple maps n whatnot, but then that kind of deflates the hopes of people who might just be jumping in for the first time, not aware of the later rollout. I don't mind the idea of having it be a game pass limited exclusive; I think that balances it out a little more and could make it a little easier on servers at launch. I think if they WERE to just fully drop multiplayer on Monday for everyone, it wouldn't shock me if they surprised us with co op on day 1. Dreamin big, but like Parris said, nothing would surprise me

  6. Man it really hurts me that Gary couldn't be on this one. His background is the origins of console gaming, he was literally the office across from them at PC gamer for next generation gaming. I know it was a scheduling conflict cuz the man is a God but feels bad man.

  7. Now is the time for Xbox to step up. Battlefield delayed, CoD Vanguard has the least amount of hype in years. If they drop Halo early on the anniversary, it’ll be a HUGE power play and will be top news story for the rest of the year. #XboxPowerPlay let’s go!! Give the people what they want Phil

  8. That's why I pre downloaded Halo so I'm not trying to DL with millions of others. If Halo MP comes out Monday that is going to br all everyone will be talking about Week/Month/Holiday!!

  9. With halo was impressed with the fact the world and levels don’t seem like a paint by numbers checklist , like far cry , assassin creed !!! Seemed like there was organic things going on , enemy encampments , boss fights , bounty’s , saving marines . Got metal gear 5 vibes with the way the camps was set up

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised but as Paris said I really don’t see them releasing it early servers will be messed up substantially and the game is already less than a month away so I don’t really see a point of releasing it early

  11. What if the servers catching fire is the point…. after the 7 million + Forza people melting the servers… Launch the MP now and fix those issues now before the full game drops?

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