It Was Fun While It Lasted ft. halifax – chocoTaco PUBG Gameplay

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45 thoughts on “It Was Fun While It Lasted ft. halifax – chocoTaco PUBG Gameplay

  1. Thanks to tunnel bear I was able to change my vpn and stream on badoo and attract hot singles in my area. I think badoo doesn’t like me as I need to change my location or use 4g to gain access. Can give any other suggestions. I have watched choco taco for over a year on youtube. Never thought I would need to change my vpn until today.

  2. They should add a graphics mode that records the game in vectors for a replay like starcraft 2 and lets you play out that version for the stream, so you can play in low def with highest fps possible, but stream your camera view in high def 60fps. It would actually decrease the workload on your pc, as not only it's pre-planned data to process with no sharp jumps and unexpected camera turns, it can also limit it to 60 fps so it should totally work without much lag with current day hardware.

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