It's Tifa!!! – Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2019 Gameplay Trailer Reaction

My reaction to the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake E3 2019 trailer and the new 2019 E3 gameplay demo for FF7 Remake. Did you guys see Tifa?! I’m so happy!


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  1. OMG DID YOU SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL TIFA IS?! I'm so happy they finally showed some gameplay and how it works, and how it can balance an compliment the old turned based system. What did you guys think? Are you going to pick up FF7 Remake? Or have you ever played it before?

  2. Cody Christian is the new voice actor of Cloud and he's awesome judging by the E3 press con and trailers!!!! Sad to see Steve Burton not playing as Cloud but at least the new Voice Actors is so good and not disappointing. All of the cast have new Voice Actors and yes….even Sephiroth.

  3. They changed his voice actor because they essentially started over with a new company making it. I'm personally glad that they aren't using 'advent children' emo cloud and making him more like he was in the original FF7.

  4. クラウドの凶斬りとティファのドルフィンブロウかっこいい。

  5. My babe tifa man. She’s gorgeous. I’m so excited to see everyone in this game. Not only I got to see tifa. They also announced the remastered of ff8. Yes squall and rinoa are coming back. Ff8 it’s been long over due. I’m in tears. Lol.

  6. they need to spill more info on the episodic nature of the game. How many parts is it and how far apart will they be? Apparently the bit being released next march is just the midgar portion at the start. over 2 disks. How the hell can that one part be so big? I mean, i'll give them this, it's a smart business decision on their part, but they will essentially be charging hundreds of dollars by the end, just for one game. Most games get torn to shreds for cutting the ending out and selling it as DLC, but SE are charging us full retail for the prologue of this game and nobody cares?


    Sorry for long post, I'm adding as I watch.

    The combat is better than I could've expected. It's much faster and more responsive than FFXV and maybe even KH3.  Looks like you can juggle enemies with Tifa holy shit!

    Nomura made Tifa even MORE Perfect with leggings.. Her bewbs and legs look exactly how they did in the original art. The balloon tits curing cut scenes were just due to limitations back them. Polygons went overboard lol. I've seen the trailer so many times in slowmo, and her bewbs are actually pretty big at various angles.

    How does he do it?

    Also, swearing is back as you hear shit and a a fuck from Cloud and Barret. Where my Cid at? I can't wait for Tifa to call Barret a retard again.

    Barret sounds like a country bumpkin goofball yet serious black dude. It's perfect.

    Sephiroth looks and sounds perfect. The black hooded retarded JEHOVA'S witnesses are actually a threat now, which I'm okay with. 2 of them turned into enemies in the original so I'm glad they're turning it up.

    Everything looks great, but my only gripe is showing Shinra HQ and no NANAKI!

    Played the original in 1997 as a birthday present when I was 13.
    Still regularly replay it with the New Threat mod.

    To me, the remake is perfection so far. The slow pan out of Midgar almost made me tear up.

    If people reading this are going to replay FF7, then play NEW THREAD mod on PC. It's amazing.

  8. Everyone giving their love to Tifa (who is gorgeous) and the gameplay (which looks kickass), so I'm gonna focus on Aerith also being gorgeous and Sephiroth somehow chilling me to my bones in just 5 seconds.

    "Hold on to that hatred."



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