I’ve Never Played A Game Quite Like Call of Duty Mobile

This year gaming will see the release of a second COD game but the first one, is Call of Duty Mobile. This is a cod release with a full battle Royale and …


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  1. Just saying, if you are rekting people in the game, they are probably all bots. You only get to play with real people after you hit elite rank in ranked play.

    Also if you play on PC, you get matched with only other PC players so it's fair

  2. Touch-controls are actually a lot quicker and more precise than a controller when you're used to it. I know a couple of pros that could even rival the likes of some PC-players. Tencent has just done a terrible job at making the movement feel fluid, it's way too stiff and feels like controlling a handicapped tractor rather than a human soldier.. Games like BulletForce or Standoff 2 do a far better job at handling movement and aiming.

  3. Fuck Call of Duty Mobile! And fuck Tencent! And Fuck Activision. delete the game and don’t support these companies, they cave into the Chinese govt and suppress free speech as well as sellout and chose cash over freedom!

  4. i ignore all those battlepass and still manage to have fun with the game. weapon can lvling in match anyway. you will have more fun grinding those weapon instead of just buy exp for upgrade. the only problem i have with this game is multiplayer matchmaking player level. idk how the system work. but sometimes. you have an opponent 10 or 20 lvl higher than you.opponent can use VTOL and you just using attack chopper. 🙁

  5. They already confirmed that PC players play vs PC players. The game even tho have "lots" of microtransactions, most are cosmetics and the guns offer pretty much anything. You can unlock all with just lvling. I payed for the battlepass cause YOLO but I recon it gave nothing I could not get by just playing the game. It's personally one of the least P2W games I've seen on mobile so far when other games literally give you armor and weapons with advantages, here you just get skins and if the weapon is epic, perhaps a mild passive and that's it. Really recommended, specially since it actually does transfer the CoD feeling for fans. I'm gonna bail once MW comes out tho but for now it's pretty damn good.


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