Here’s some gameplay from the new Kamino Capital Supremacy map that dropped to Star Wars Battlefront 2 today including some footage of the tweaked …



36 thoughts on “KAMINO CAPITAL SUPREMACY GAMEPLAY – Star Wars Battlefront 2”

  1. For capital supremacy it would be interesting if you had, like 30 second chances to shoot down both of the leaving enemy transport ships to try and get the upper hand and get your chance to destroy the enemy battle ship.
    Battle points for this part would be cool, too

  2. I really do wish that there was both a phase 1 and a phase 2 versions of the pure white "shiny" clone trooper skin, it's really a longing that I have to be for example a part of the 501st in order to be a phase one clone on maps like Theed and Kashyyyk

  3. Least after this map,They will have to make new maps as they have used all their reusable assets ! But knowing EA they will probably just come out with a stupid statement of why they will be using resources on other projects and putting their focus on other games but will do cosmetics and two extra guns.