I’M DONE WITH P1 | PUBG Mobile. So if you wonder what happened, he started uploading weird videos on me, I asked him why he did that and he said it was …



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  1. hi tobias …. please read first what i want to say … can you give me how much uc you want or how much uc you have …. because i really find it difficult to recharge anywhere in where the game is due to family restrictions … please be proud Tobias please understand my feelings and circumstances sympathy like this comment username: SÕÜŁREEPER ID: 5146657584 please brother please understand my situation … I'm just asking for a balance uc or how much uc you want to give me😔

  2. He is your brother, you just have to ask him what you did wrong that made him angry. Then, you also tell him what he did wrong to make you angry. Once you both know what happen, both of you can just apologise to each other and both of you can upload great PUBG videos playing together again!