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24 thoughts on “Let's Play Cruis'n Blast! – LIVESTREAM (Nintendo Switch)”
  1. Cruis'n Blast is a definite must buy for fans of the Cruis'n franchise and arcade classic racing games from the past. 23 vehicles and creates, 29 new tracks, and five classic arcade tracks… 4 player local multiplayer (No online at this moment). I cannot wait to play it this weekend (currently sent via air mail).

  2. This might be the closest we will get to Cruis'n USA…Im so tempted to get this because I didnt like Horizon Chase Turbo and 80s Overdrive is fun, but ive got all races almost beaten and I hate when you have to dodge the cops. Just let me race in peace!

  3. Too bad this is a Switch exclusive. It could have so much more detail, better lighting etc on PC or nextgen. Some of those models just look dated, even for a retro arcade racer.

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