Madden 20 Superstar KO Gameplay! This New Game Mode Is Crazy!

Presented by EA Game Changers. In this Madden 20 gameplay video, I’ll be playing the new game mode Superstar KO! Let’s see if we can go 4-0 in this new …



31 thoughts on “Madden 20 Superstar KO Gameplay! This New Game Mode Is Crazy!”

  1. Played this mode a little while ago… after the 4th straight won, it pretty much just said i was KO Champ (used shutdown) and kicked back to the main screen so I'm assuming it just resets. Im pretty sure 6 players is the MAX. It would be interesting if you could keep winning until your whole squad was made up of dope players. I only played the once (4 straight wins) so i don't know if it continues or resets, but i liked it.

  2. EricRayweather quick question im using the Jets playbook in MUT and my playbook changed from yesterday it normally has Gun bunch TE Gun bunch and Gun bunch wide but now they’re not in the playbook, do u know how to fix this?!

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