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41 thoughts on “Mario Odyssey 2 HUGE LEAK & INFO + Nintendo Switch OVERCOMES In New Report…”
  1. I love odyssey but am I the only one who’s still curious about Mario kart 9 like we’re getting a 3D Mario sequel before mk9 and I know we technically have 8 deluxe but man it’s been years since it came out and I didn’t thinks gotten any updates as of lately anyone else feel this way lol😅

  2. I’m starting to think of it if this game does come out then when you talked about different caps and characters do you think different characters will have different caps and you can change between caps and characters like Mario and bowler or Luigi and tiara or something like that and they could have different abilities like there could be a flying cap like the wing cap from Mario 64 etc

  3. I don't how much chance there's to see that but i always hope that Wario and Waluigi would be playable in Mario Odyssey 2, maybe on side missions. But i'd like them to get a big spot on the switch, a comeback for one and the whole new for the other.

  4. I think Odyssey 2 is unlikely cause we probably would've heard about it by now, but if it does exist I'm worried it'll just be more of the same. And even though I did like Odyssey I don't think I want to collect another 800+ moons with similar gameplay and minimal story again.

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