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43 thoughts on “Marvel's Wolverine PS5 – Gameplay and Combat TEASED!”
  1. I think a M rating is the way to good. Even with an M rating it doesn’t need to be ultra violent but just violent enough for us to feel like we are doing some serious damage to our enemies as Wolverine

  2. Marvels Wolverine should do obvious Wolvie things along with some things that surprise us, be it attacks, and specials, but more importantly the story needs to be good.

  3. They have a chance to make one of the best games ever made spiderman did great and so many people did similar things but only a few people tryed wolverine and they did just okay with it this could change everything we could get the games we really want

  4. If it's rated teen I will not be very hyped they should have a option for rage mode were he goes nuts claws out and then regular he just uses his fists and a few claw attacks but I want to be able to push a button and my claws go in and out

  5. in ninja gaiden 2 with the claws feels like you are Wolverine, I hope the fighting in this game be that good or even more agresive and visceral

  6. If it ain't sandbox I don't want it
    If I play a hero game I want to feel like a hero… Like the MF hulk had a two foot verticle in the damn avengers game n my gta character can do more than all of them

  7. Does anybody agree that if Insomniac made the Avengers game it would have been an All-Time Great? I mean just look at the tower Easter Egg in SP4/SP5
    They need the same people who worked on Origins

  8. I hope they don’t use arkham controls where he walks slow as a turtle or run fast only outdated controls with no in between normal walking controls, shadow of mordor and war did same thing and i hated them trying to explore and walk around with those controls!!

  9. 🇺🇲❤🤷🏿‍♂️💙😍Holy Shit!! I can't wait for Wolverine!!! This game and "Forspoken", are 2 games I'm getting in 2022!!❤❤🧡🔥💜🍭😍🇺🇲

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