MAUS VS ALL ENEMY TEAM – World of Tanks Gameplay

World of Tanks (WoT) Maus PC Gameplay Replay. Maus Tier 10 German heavy tank. Sub for more best replays: Send your wot replays at: …



30 thoughts on “MAUS VS ALL ENEMY TEAM – World of Tanks Gameplay”

  1. The maus is very good in 3-5-7 vs tier VIII's, as you need effectively 300plus of penetration to damage it but becomes useless and out of the Meta in the tier X environment as everyone can load gold at it

    its a pity that he didnt win the game… arty killed him, this is why i hate artillery, he was alone vs everyone and yet, only the skypigs were doing damage to him, he did everything correct, he grabed a rock to be safe from arty and to avoid being flanked in multiple angles and yet he loses because of the th estupid arty mechanic that doesnt require any intelligence to play….

  2. This game is russian crap and a jerk – around. Not the slightest accurate in tank abilities. Pay to win and the bait for playing for free is just for the premium players so they have something to shoot at. The payment is ridicolous,i payed via telephone bill and i got seriously 4 months after it a hell of trouble with wargaming. I proofed a few times that i payed the bill and guess what? They cancelled the account.
    I highly,highly recommend not to spend a penny for this crap. In nooo fucking way compareable to american companies like Blizzard!
    Dont spend your hard money for this,thank me later!

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