MAX REACTS: Nioh 2 – Gameplay Trailer & Alpha Reveal

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  1. The whole skill tree is totally different now it is actually more robust and you get these things called so course which you can have different yokai guardian Spirit abilities attached to your main guardian Spirit ability the combat is more fluid and also team ninja said that they were going to take what was great about nioh improve upon it

  2. I was hopin they would move away from the whole mission map setup. That really took me out of the game (literally) and the loot system was a mess to manage. This looks too similar. Straight up copy paste village burning samey. Lazy rushed expansion not worth a full price. Maybe it will wow me later in release but i doubt it.

  3. Waifu & onimusha transformation. 10x already better than first Nioh LOL
    Jokes aside, the new weapon types "dual axes" seems a lot more fitting than oversized "great axe." Maybe something like a war staff & gauntlets/claws also could be fun. As for heavy type, kanabo & dual maces make more sense, also maybe make the great axe size more properly. For range weapons, I am hoping for dual pistols or repeating crossbow for new weapons.


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