Minecraft Earth GAMEPLAY Explained + MC: Dungeons BIG REVEAL

Minecraft has TWO Brand new games coming this year, and they’ve been pretty light on the details… until today! – The Previous Video(Most Cursed Images): …


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  1. Im not a real fan of minecraft earth but i will give it try because i am trying to keep an open mind. Who knows i might really enjoy it. It would be really cool if you put your minecraft earth bulids into your bedrock worlds without having to rebulid them

  2. If "they aren't monetizing it like any other game", then they won't monetize interactive reach, because the jurassic world pogo ripoff does that on a membership basis. They may just monetize skins, premium currencies to use with plot expansions, or random items that you have no say on the bundle (like a chest you wait an hour to get supplies for. I think they are full of it about the "unique monetization".

  3. Excited for both of these! PoGo didn't excite me, and today it's far too bloated to get into legit. With Earth though I can't wait to check it out, or participate on the beta. And with dungeons, I hope there is a forge for it, so we can reskin content and make the rpg we want, even if it's just sprites.


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