Modern Warfare: NEW 20 vs 20 Domination Gameplay! (Big Battles)

This video will show you the brand new 20v20 experience MW has to offer. These matches take place on huge maps with vehicles to help you traverse them.



45 thoughts on “Modern Warfare: NEW 20 vs 20 Domination Gameplay! (Big Battles)”

  1. My biggest question is; will there be a map?
    Not the mini-map, but an accesible map. Cause that makes o kills a game for me. I always play HC TDM, but without a map as in WWII for example, it's impossible to know if those steps above you are from friend or foe… Lack of the map made WWII completely unplayable for me.

  2. I'm probably just going to do standard modes like tdm, I just cant get into big maps and big teams, but it's cool that theres an option for that now. MAYbe this CoD will be a better Battlefield than Battlefield.

  3. So since PC can play with console, will we console players see a lot of cheating? How will they monitor this? Also, will CoD steal me back from Battlefield? Well, since BFV is by far worse than Hardline,…YES!!! Thank you.

  4. This looks like my jam. I've always liked both franchises but longed for the day someone made something that is well made in between
    Good fast paced gunplay with large maps and more players what's not to like?
    The issue with small maps is that it becomes too repetitive
    There's simply only so many times you can turn left or turn right before youve seen the whole map
    There's simply more to see on a larger map, more places to fight etc makes the individual matches less repetitive and less boring
    Bf has flopped and I've been a fan of the series for years but it's not enjoyable anymore
    Cod in the other hand has also been declining for so many other reasons
    This genuinely looks like the revival the franchise needed and even going to steal back the players they lost to BF1 too!
    Can't wait