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23 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Rise – Ver. 3.1 Update Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch”
  1. If they want to make a DLC improvement, then why not tell them to make a cross over costume to the animated series wakfu, when you think about who doesn’t want Yugo’s hat style or percedal clothing style, plus rubilax sword would make a great long sword, evangelyne bow arrow included, even ruel shovel looks good for a insect glaive, and for amalia….well I guess her looks are the only thing I can think about, as for adimai well I guess the cats can wear his he’d and body for costume uses.

  2. Could we get the "magnet spike" back?
    Maybe throw in the "tonfas" too.
    And add Toridcless, Legiana, Hyujikiki, and Mi Ru to the Roster. 👍

  3. Rise 3 months in already has so much more content and things to work towards than World did at this point; not to discredit World, mind you.

    You guys are doing a good job so far. Keep it up.

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