Monster Hunter World Iceborne | Velkhana Armor Set, Weapons & Gameplay

MonsterHunter #MonsterHunterWorldIceborne #Iceborne Here’s an in depth look at the new Velkhana armor set in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.


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  1. Critical draw elements GS..Sounds nice

    In the age of ancient ,the world was unformed , shreaded by fog
    But then there were Long Sword , from the LS , came disparity,Heat and Cold,
    Life and Death, of course , Elemental and Physical damage…

    With the strength of Physical Damage , they challenge the dragons , and the dragons are no more…

    Thus begin the age of Physical, but the physical will fade, and there were only elements left….

  2. I bought iceborne on a different account to the one which has my monster hunter world save game file. When I use the account with the save file (hr 42), the iceborne quest doesn’t start.

    Does this mean I need to buy iceborne again with my other account? Playing on the same playstation


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