Mordekaiser Rework ALL ABILITIES Revealed + Gameplay Footage – League of Legends

Mordekaiser Rework New Champion Revealed Abilities Gameplay League of Legends!! “Like” if you want more! →MORDE GAMEPLAY: (coming soon) …


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  1. i main mordekaiser and to those who think with this rework he is a god now . bro he alwasy was a god but those who main him from old seasons like me . we are the one who you should be sacred now.we know this champ like how we know our D!ck gonna test him in jungle

  2. So in the vid where they show how to deal with morde ult they literally show a champ use 3 dashes, a stun, a slow and flash to deal with it and they still think that this is perfectly fine?????????????

  3. A bit too OP, considering a tank-build Mordekaiser can just pull in the fed carry, and let his/her team have a much higher chance of winning the team fight. Also, most squishy champs without a dash doesn't seem to stand much chance against Morde's ult.


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