Most ADVANCED Apex Legends Season 2 Movement Pro Tips & Gameplay Guide for ALL LEGENDS – Part 1

The most advanced Apex Legends movement tips and pro tricks guide for all legends in season 2. Octane, Wattson, Pathfinder, Gibraltar, and Lifeline are …


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  1. Have you noticed the sword and shield in the season 2 emblem? Every picture of crypto I've seen he's got a sword on his back and considering "death sword" was found in the files I think he could be the next legend potentially.

  2. This is a great vid! Normally something like this is to geared towards super simple tricks like sprinting instead of walking but you do it straight and to to the point, Iโ€™m looking forwards to the caustic tips too great vid mate

  3. Okay hold the fuck up… How the fuck is the first thing I see on your clip you blasting a MF with over 100 damage with the peacekeeper direct chest and he's a Pathfinder while I am blasting mf's with 60 damage direct chest shots????? What kind of favortism bullshit is this?????

  4. This is really a tip aimed at newcomers but as bangalore if you fire your smoke grenade just beside your opponent they will take 10 damage from the explosion its really handy when you've emptied both clips of your guns and dont have the time to reload, sometimes it may just be enough to reward you with the down or kill ๐Ÿ™‚


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