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22 thoughts on “MotoGP 21| Career Pt 8: Taken Out!! (Xbox Series X)”
  1. I started watching you for your MotoGP 20 series. Between MotoGP 20 and now 21, I don't think I've ever seen you do badly at Motegi, come rain or shine – I think the Curse is well and truly history by now!

  2. Overall I’m very tempted to get a Series X, but the more advanced haptic feedback with the PS5 controller is tempting me as well as I think it would be great for racing games.

  3. Legend tells of the most famous rivalries in humanity's history. Napoleon vs Wellington. Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier. Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla. Blur vs Oasis. Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs. Robo46 vs Motegi.

  4. Love these vids. I’m new to this franchise but just got my copy on PS5, amazing looking game, hard as nails though! Will need lots of practice.

  5. Robo 46Can you help me? I play motogp 2020 i start my carrer.I winning to much time Moto3 and Moto2 and when i go to Motogp. I feel to much diffrent between Moto2 and Motogp. I to much slow between Al in motogp 5 second in lap.

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