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41 thoughts on “MY F2P QUEEN! SHE’S EVERYTHING I HOPED SHE WOULD BE & MORE | Marvel Future Fight”
  1. beast got sersis artifact from pulls. man been hunting that down but I think I just used 10 years of my luck yesterday cause the game gave me a Spiderman artifact from the gold artifact chest and a 4 star Gilgamesh artifact from the essence 10 pull

  2. Hey beast.. I started building mephisto, at 5* currently.. I don't have a judgement for him, so should I buy the Shang chi legendary battle for judgement first or makkari first ??.. (I won't buy the legendary battle if I get a judgement from monthly chest )

  3. They'll never go for it. The devs seem incapable of accepting criticism of their precious game much less admitting someone has a better idea to fix their stale game mode.

  4. Have you seen the new Eternals movie yet? Because it should've been a Disney plus show. That's literally all you really need to know about Eternals. Edit: If Ikaris is the most powerful Eternal, than why is he the literal worst Eternal. Also, they really should've tried to put all of the Eternals into the game. Hopefully they do it later. And in the 1st end credit scene of Eternals is the worst creature CGI out of Marvel yet. Terrifying.

  5. Hey Beast and everyone, has anyone noticed that Sif with her newest uniform isn't listed as a support char in any of the game modes? Taskmaster's team buff also comes from his uni and he's still listed as a support char. Any thoughts or insights from folks appreciated.

  6. I'm at the combat stages for Mephisto I don't know should I buy caps uniform because I have mighty destruction on him or should I use Shang-chi for it I have the uni but with mighty authority

    IGN Valiahd

  7. Oh cmon Beast stop making videos about her pls, I'm trying to be patient and wait for a Crystal spending event before getting her but if you keep showcasing her power I might just get her right now without giving it a second thought

  8. Makkari might be great, but is she really worth all the unis you could buy instead? Like, what I'm going for this anniversary is valk, spidey, sharog's new one, hela and colossus. Possibly one or 2 more if I get enough crystals. Is her epic quest really worth it??

  9. The way she attacked Ikaris in the movie > 💘 .
    The way she cried about Druig > ❤
    The way Druig told her My Beautiful Makkari >💖
    The way Druig Slapped Sprite > 💓

    Now I want Druig in MFF🥺

  10. I got sersei, ikaris and kingpins 3 star artifacts buying the chests today. I also have an extra rage… Should I give it to Makkari or stick with my 200 proc obelisk?

  11. Hey beast, how you doing? Just a pointer: Sersi's best rotation is 3c4c5c6proc. If you dont have the 6, then do 3c5c4proc. You'll see her damage really Spike when you proc on 6

  12. I would love to see the ways of farming ccfs, mandalay gems, ctps, biometricks that are worth and doable for average f2p players. Love your work I was also grinding gems for makkari but I think I am about to spend it on anniversary uniform discount.

  13. Beast flexing with his Makkari, not faster than my Spider-Man! Ha! I haven't tried to climb but I'm a try it next reset, just trying get stuff done. Don't think I'm not catching up to you, you not gonna speedway like this✊. If I had to be honest, I would probably get Moonstone but at that point, you mind as well get Hela's uniform to buff her as a lead and tier 3 her and somewhat PVP. P…….roud of you ❤. Loved the vid Beast 🎄🙏

  14. can you make guide on how to get artifacts . maybe it is as simple as to farm materials for it and pull but i honestly don't know cuz i never got 3 star artifact personally. so yeah pls do an artifact farming guide.

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