My Uber SNIPER NATASHA – Mk2 Dragoon & Spark War Robots Gameplay WR

War Robots Gameplay on my own account with the old Sniper Natasha with Mk2 Dragoon & Spark – WR Gameplay My 2nd Gaming Channel: …


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  1. Manni why did you say that AO Qin isn't a good robot cuz I use it by myself with MK1 stuff and it does very well.I'm at master 1 league and I score the 1st place at almost every FFA match so I don't agree with your opinion.Btw I love your vids and keep up with the good work

  2. Hi guys, I hope someone can please answer my question…
    So the Ragnarok event is over and three new robots have been added to the game now. But these robots are not appearing in the workshop production or conversion… I want to produce Fenrir components but its not there in the Workshop but its there in the hangar (to store). Can someone please tell me how I can produce its components?

  3. please read: I remember few years ago when i didn't have a console so i'd play mobile games, and i got this game. After not playing for like a year, i come back realize most robots cost $100! I have Rhino, Carnage, the big Lancelot robot, the og spider robot, and medium Lancelot robot, starts with a G. then some weapons that cost gold and robots right now cost over 30,000 gold! 15 old me did not waste over $200 on a mobile game, so my question is did they really jack up the prices on old robots?

  4. Ares + wasp + Marquess = Ultimate sniper!

    If anyone gets to close, well you know what the Ares does lol.
    Plus he is far more agile then old Natasha and has the option of a shield to face off with other snipers and take the kill.

  5. I understand your suggestion about not mixing different types of weapons, but energy weapons like Spark & Flux has zero effect on a Galahad or a Gareth (with physical shields) so a Bot with only energy weapons are so very screwed when one of those little Bots with shields sneak up on you (or you mistakenly engage one only to realize your dealing ZERO damage…

  6. Hey manni used to watch u a ton now coming back to the game after a year. Are Korean still viable because the most components I have is 3000 haechi. What robots are meta now? What should I do with my 3000 gold? Edit:I’m f2p

  7. Pls do a Natasha, Dragoon, Marquess video. Also may its possible to do not only max. level Bots and weapons, think most not have only max. Stuff, like me. thx you videos helped manni (manfred?)(with which equipment you play?)

  8. first when i start to play it was funny but when i reach level 30 master league and then champions league i decided to stop because every playing much they gave you from 100k to max 350k uoy have to udate your wapon and robot to mr2 lvl 12 for example most cheap and old thing tulumbas for lvl 12 need about 17ml silver :)) pixonic we know you have to earn moni but no so expensive!!!

  9. R u playing the test server right now like right this instance bc I cam across someone who put it manni gaming, it could be a wanna be but I just wanna make sure . And if u are, did u come across someone named Ur-friendly_Salt?

  10. The recent event was a bunch of crap. I got 1000 somewhat tyr comps 4000 loki comps 500 fenrir comps, 1900 gold marques and blaze, 3×1500 power cells, meanwhile, everyone has all the new weapons, including that stupidly easy noob tier weapon they call calamity. It is a piece of crap, a lot of campers with auto lock on weps, now that they "brought back" tridents, everyone uses them. 3 bogies on my back in every fight, greedy kill stealing teammates, the game is crap. Everyone else gets a calamity and new bot, while they give me power cells. I really wanted the cthulu themed ares. Now the event is ending, and if I dont give them my wallet I might aswell kiss my chance of receiving the ares goodbye, throw it out the window. The event was a good idea, but they hosed me. I even had a second account, which all I recieved there was a blaze and powercells. Mind you, I had to grind for hours on both accounts. And they give me sh*t. Step up your game pixo, I am still here, i love this game. Just dont have it treat me like utter trash.


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